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Brazil’s São Paulo is the largest city in Latin America, with a population of around 20 million people.

The game lasts three rounds, in the second round there is a secret square with a hidden trip behind it, if you answer the question correctly than you win it, if you win the whole thing then you can pick out a car, if the key doesn't fit than you can play another round and get a chance to win the car again.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2. Basics =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The basics of this game are pretty simple, to win you must get three crosses or circles in a row, to get this you must answer a question correctly, if you answer it wrong than your opponent gets his/her circle/square there but if there are already two squares or circles for her/him than there doesnt come one.

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Where Rio de Janeiro, a few hours up the coast, delights tourists with its beautiful scenery and relaxed beach lifestyle, São Paulo often horrifies visitors.

Dubbed ‘blade-runner in the tropics’ by the Serbian-born musician DJ Suba, who was one of Brazil’s most important producers, the city can seem, at first, like a dystopic mess of concrete towers and roads which continue endlessly into a shimmering grey horizon.

What makes the city so vast is the miles and miles of densely packed poor neighbourhoods that border the city.

Locals call this a peripheria—the periphery—or as margins—the margins.

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Another CIA memo from the time states: 'We have the opportunity to make Soviet citizens wonder what is wrong with their government, when a fine literary work by the man acknowledged to be the greatest living Russian writer is not even available in his own country in his own language for his own people to read.'The CIA's Soviet Russia Division chief said in another declassified memo: 'Pasternak's humanistic message - that every person is entitled to a private life and deserves respect as a human being, irrespective of the extent of his political loyalty or contribution to the state - poses a fundamental challenge to the Soviet ethic of sacrifice of the individual to the Communist system.'The 1965 film adaptation of the novel starring Julie Christie and Omar Sharif went on to win five Academy Awards, a nomination for best picture and remains one of the highest-grossing films of all time.

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