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), the best boat (he vacationed on a 282-foot yacht, the ), the best plane, and the most magnificent dresses on the most beautiful wife. He didn't seem to understand the ways of the truly rich and powerful, the art of understatement. Someone who is not too fastidious to do what it takes to win and accomplish this.

The self marketing master had twenty magazine covers plastered all over his wall. But his charm and apparent sincerity and grandiosity were infectious. His models of boats and planes and buildings were scattered around his office like a small boy's toys. He reminded me of the scene in , when Robert Redford, in the movie, is frantically dragging down dozens of shirts to impress his true love Daisy: F. It would be sheer folly to expect unwavering consistency, or even complete honesty from politicians during an election, much less during a nominating process. Yes, Trump's proposal to deport 11 million Mexicans is sheer madness, grandiose megalomania.

“Tonka” by Robert Musil When you think coming clean about your anxiety will get you through the difficult parts: “You see how wrong I go, how ridiculous I’m making myself in your eyes by keeping on guessing wrong like this! If she is Italian, French, American or Brazilian, a man should tell her: “You dress beautifully.” If she is Spanish or South American, a man should praise her hair.If she’s German or Canadian, he should praise her skin.Rally against this stagnation, readers, and use the quotes below to find love… by Oscar Wilde Best way of cutting to the chase: “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.” 2. by Jeanette Winterson Get ready to test adulterous waters: “I used to think marriage was a plate-glass window just begging for a brick.” 6.“Don Juan” by Lord Byron For the shy ones, sitting in the room downstairs: “A little she strove, and much repented, And whispering, ‘I will ne’er consent’ — consented.” 7.

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