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These statistics have not been verified by Facebook.

A Facebook spokesperson told “Earlier today, some people using the Facebook Android app had trouble loading notifications and stories in News Feed due to a technical issue with one of our updates.

The problem is that a large chunk of your friend/fan list can't see anything you post because the "New Facebook" has a newsfeed setting that, by default, is automatically set to ONLY SHOW POSTS FROM PEOPLE WHO YOU' VE RECENTLY INTERACTED WITH OR INTERACTED WITH THE MOST (which would be limited to the couple of weeks just before people started switching to the new profile).

So in other words, for both business and personal pages, unless your friends/fans commented on one of your posts within those few weeks or vice versa - you are now invisible to them and they are invisible to you!

Have you also noticed that when you post things like status messages, photos and links, the same circle of people are commenting and everyone else seems to be ignoring you?

Here we take a look at some of the best third-party apps for Facebook.

We quickly worked to resolve the problem, and our system is 100 per cent back to normal.

We apologise to those affected for the inconvenience.

Whether it’s for social media, email, or productivity, there are often features and benefits offered by non-official options that are not available in the official version.

Of course, you need to treat third-party apps with a degree of caution — you are ultimately sharing your login credentials with a service that may not have been thoroughly vetted, or which may not have the same level of robust security measures that you’ve come to expect from the official apps.

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