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The online dating site analyzed over 500,000 interactions to determine which hair colours Australian men and women prefer online.

Check out the results: While blondes topping the list wasn’t entirely shocking, it might surprise you to learn that raven-haired women were right on their tails, receiving 20% more likes than the average user on First Not surprisingly, hair colours typically sported by older generations did not fare too well; Women who rock the silver locks were 45% less likely to be contacted by men.

The survey* conducted among New Zealanders and Australians revealed the results of the positives and pitfalls of online dating. A little white lie never hurt anyone, but it did change the profiles of 43% of people who’ve tried online dating in New Zealand and 51% in Australia.

In their attempt to put their best foot forward, daters admit to exaggeration or embellishment on their dating profiles.

Busy lives and innovative technology have given rise to apps and websites that has increased the probability of finding a suitable companion.

27% of daters in New Zealand and 33% in Australia are likely to lie about their income.

Even physical attributes like their weight was misrepresented.

“They want to meet the good old-fashioned way, face to face, because they feel like they’ll be looked down on otherwise.” Online dating is often seen as the last refuge of the desperate – a declaration that you can’t meet anyone “in the real world” – but a 2011 report by online dating site RSVP found that one in four Australians had logged on looking for love.

Even celebrities like Halle Berry, Orlando Bloom (pre Miranda) and 78-year-old Joan Rivers have dipped their toes in.

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“Women have a lot of fear and some use the stigma as an excuse not to do it,” Lesley says.

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