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It should be fun but informative, political yet understanding, frank yet discrete, and privacy in all things should be respected. We rely on the members to make others feel welcome.If you find anyone you don't get along with ue the silence feature.

With an inhouse graphic designer, a producer and an event and promotion manager, the team covers a wide range of services from the recording, to the Athlone Athlone is the new unofficial web portal for the town of Athlone.We used to have a list of these but what is acceptable to one person can be intolerable to another.You decide your own standards but if it appears that the conversation you are having with a few friends is unacceptable to others in the room you should move to the Shebeen or the Lion's Den.Build and edit your own custom webset in realtime without messing with HTML using our automatic webset maker.Promote your group her IE-Cannabis Irish group for open discussion of cannabis and all matters related.

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