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Usually the amount of principal due upon maturity of the loan is significant.

The reason for the significant outstanding balance at the end of the term of the loan is because the loan amount is amortized over a significantly longer period than the actual term of the loan.

This article will focus on the legal definitions of income and expenses. The various states have included in their definition of income the following: These items are discussed in detail in section II of this article.

If the question is not whether a particular benefit constitutes income on the law, but rather whether a particular benefit was actually earned or should have been earned on the facts, the issue is one of imputed income. INTRODUCTION: STATUTORY DEFINITIONS OF "INCOME" Items Included in Gross Income Each state's child support guidelines generally contain a definition of "gross income." "Gross income" is usually defined to include money received from any source. Most states have also adopted a special definition of income for the parent who has control over his or her income stream.

PURPOSE The purpose of this chapter is to examine the particular features of rural financial services that need to be considered in deciding what forms of, and approaches to, decentralization may be appropriate.

KEY POINTS The risks of credit provision Rural financial services are nowadays concerned with a variety of services including not only agricultural lending but lending to farm households for non-agricultural production and consumption purposes, loans made to non-farm rural firms, rural savings deposit services and other financial services such as insurance.

I was therefore surprised when the friend proceeded to live a normal university life of partying and eating out, even during the delayed repayment process.

After the loan, that left pretty much nothing, but I assumed that my friend would have the balance paid back within just a few paychecks.

Interest-only mortgages with no payments of principal (no mortgage loan amortization) 2.

Loans with partial amortization (balloon mortgages) 3.

Computation of child or spousal support generally involves a three-step process.

First, the court must determine the income and expenses of the parties; second, it must determine the needs of the obligee; and finally, based on the ability of the obligor to pay and the needs of the obligee, it must enter an appropriate order for support.

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Exchange of consumption today for consumption in a latter period b. Information acquisition regarding characteristics of loan applicants (the screening problem) d.

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